• WARVEEN I. HASAN Dept. of Animal Production, College of Agricultural Engineering Sciences, University of Duhok
  • KAMAL N. S. MUSTAFA Dept. of Animal Production, College of Agricultural Engineering Sciences, University of Duhok
Keywords: Lambs, vitamin E, selenium, hematological value, thyroid hormones, biochemical parameters


The aim of present study was to investigate the response of vitamin E and selenium injection in local
ram lambs on the hematological aspect, thyroid hormones, biochemical parameters, and growth rate.
Twenty-four weaned (3-4 month old) ram lambs and averaged 20.827±0.5 kg in weight were used. The
lambs were divided randomly into three groups (8 lambs each). 1st group was served as the control, the
lambs were injected with 1.0 ml\head of physiological saline solution (0.9%), 2nd group (T1), lambs were
injected intramuscularly with vitamin E 2.5 mg/kg of body weight and sodium selenite 25μg/kg of body
weight and 3rd group (T2), the lambs were injected intramuscularly with vitamin E 5 mg/kg of body
weight and sodium selenite 50μg/kg of body weight. The injection administered at weekly interval for 12
weeks. Results showed that T1 significantly increased packed cell volume (PCV %) and lymphocytes. The
result of current study did not show a significant change between the test group in growth rate, ESR,
thyroid hormones, biochemical parameter including (glucose, total protein, albumin, globulin, cholesterol,
and triglyceride and aspartate aminotransferase).In conclusion, injection of vitamin E and selenium has
positive effect on some physiological parameters in local ram lamb.


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