• HUSSEIN MAMO SULIMAN Dept of Horticulture,College of AgriculturalEngineering Sciences,University of Duhok
  • SAMIRA HASSAN YOUSIF Dept of Basic sciences,College of AgriculturalEngineering Sciences,University of Duhok
  • KURDISTAN HASSAN YOUSIF Dept of Horticulture,College of AgriculturalEngineering Sciences,University of Duhok
Keywords: Bio stimulants, Growth, yield Chemical composition, Strawberry


The present study was carried out during growing season of 2018-2019, in the wooden canopy of the
College of Agricultural Engineering Sciences, University of Duhok, Kurdistan Region of Iraq, to
investigate the influence of foliar spray of four concentrations of Urea (0, 0.5, 1 and 1.5 g.L
) and
inoculation the soil with Azotobacter at two concentrations (0 and 10 m.L
) and their interaction on the
vegetative growth properties and quality of strawberry plant cv. Rubygem. The results indicated that
Urea and Azotobacter significantly increased vegetative growth (chlorophyll, fresh weight, leaf area, leaf
number and dry weight) as well as fruit quality (fruit weight, fruit length and number of fruits) (15.4g,
5.58cm and 10.67) respectively as compared with untreated plants. The interaction between the studies
factors varied in their effect on the traits. The best interaction was the interaction of Urea at
concentration (1g.L
) and Azotobacter at (10 m.L
) which gave the highest values (45.17 SPAD, 15.84 g
and 5.38g) respectively as compared with other plants.


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