• MOHAMMED ALI HUSSAIN Dept. Field Crops,College of Agricultural Engineering Sciences, University of Duhok
  • MHEMMED ABDULRAHMAN SEDEEQ Dept. Field Crops,College of Agricultural Engineering Sciences, University of Duhok
  • SUBHI YASSEN HASSAN Directorateof Agricultural Research/ Duhok, Kurdistan Region –Iraq
Keywords: Bread wheat, genotyps, grain yield, stability, genetic parameters.


This study was carried out to assess the stability and some genetic parameters of twelve diverse
genotypes of bread wheat including Local variety rezgary as check. The genotypes were sown in three
season, 2015-2016, 2016-2017 and 2017-2018. combained analysis of variance revealeted highly significant
mean square of seasons for all the studied characters including different response of the genotype
ATTILASOY exhibited stable performance across seasons for grain yield and 1000-grain weight followed
by genotype FIAG-3, while other genotypes was diverse for characters stability. Also the results showed
that, the phenotypic variance was highter than genotypic one all studied characters.
The higher value of vrariance was observed in plant height (44.84) and 1000-grain weight (27.54).
However the genotypic coefficient of variation (GCV) was low for all characters, while the modrate PCV
was showen for grain yield and 1000-grain weight with values 18.67 and 13.87 respectively, indicating that
the characters more affected by the environmental factors. Broad sences heritability was the modrate for
plant height (0.59) and days to flowering (0.60) and low for the other character. The expected genetic
advance values (GA) were low for all characters and ranged between 1.2 for hectoliter to 8.06 for plant
height. So that suggested these characters improve by putting the genotype in hybridization programse.


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